6 Features Of A Good Shirt From Dubai Men’s Clothing Stores

The best shirt is the one that you wear with pleasure, who courageously endures numerous washings, serves for a long time and faithfully. But how to determine whether a shirt is good while in a store, that is, before buying it? Let’s look at the six features specific to high-end shirts.

Dubai Men's Clothing Stores - Royal Fashion

Dubai Men’s Clothing Stores Striped Shirt

Excellent quality fabric. First of all, the fabric should be pleasant to the touch. Touch it, try on a shirt, and estimate how comfortable it is. The composition is also important: good fabrics for men’s shirts are made from 100% cotton or flax; a large percentage of polyester in the composition indicates a low-quality fabric. It is great if the fabric is made from double-thread yarn (2-ply or 2-fold cotton). Shirts from such fabrics are more durable and withstand more washes than single-twist shirts. You can also design your own formal shirt.

Shirt fabric

Good cut. The shirt can be sewn by the best tailors in the world and from the best fabric, but if it does not fit you in a cut, you should not buy it. Of course, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the figure. The shirt should sit well on you, emphasize the shape, and provide the necessary comfort when moving.

Cut in men’s shirt

Good quality, tailoring. It is expressed in neat seams with a high density of stitches: the more stitches per centimeter, the stronger the shirt. A shirt of Dubai men’s clothing stores will have a density of 5-6 stitches per centimeter, and the highest quality will have up to 9 stitches per centimeter. In addition, the best shirts – and here again can be cited as an example – are stitched “in one needle” (single-needle stitching): outside, on the long seams of such shirts, you can see only one line of dense stitches. Due to this, the fabric in the area of the seam will not wrinkle after washing.

High-quality tailoring of a shirt

Pearl buttons – another sign of a good shirt. They are more durable and look more noble than plastic. They are cut from the shells of mollusks. The best are thick pearl buttons – such as those on Lino Sentiero shirts. You can design your own formal shirt with find pearl buttons, but they are thinner. Recognizing pearl buttons is not difficult: mother-of-pearl is cool to the touch, which can be checked by touching the button with the lips.

Pearl buttons

Sleeves are sewn at the end of the shirt sewing process. Neapolitan tailors sew the sleeves after assembling the front and back, which provides greater comfort. However, this does not affect the strength of the shirt. It is easy to check when the sleeve was sewn: if it happened at the end, the long side seam does not coincide with the inner seam of the sleeve.

Men’s shirt sleeves

Manual stitching. Sleeves, a collar and a yoke (upper back) of a shirt are sewn with a usual needle and thread. These shirts better fit the body; soft seams provide greater freedom of movement. Cheap hand-made shirts do not look appealing, and the tailors of Dubai men’s clothing stores who use several manual operations buy the best fabrics. Finally, hand-stitched loops and hand-sewn buttons look beautiful.

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